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10 Most Demanding Copywriting Services You Can Offer & Earn 7 Figures+ In 2021

Business copywriting

Today, I will tell you what copywriting services can be offered to a business and at what price to make the deal seem profitable. And then decide for yourself what to do with this information.

This article is a logical continuation of a trilogy on how to increase sales in business, only considered from the other side – for copywriters. Ready? Let’s go then!

An obvious thing that many people don’t think about. It is the business that hires copywriters and pays them real money. Not SEO specialists, not webmasters, but business. For solving commercial problems. And it is here that the central money is spinning, and the main work is in full swing. I do not consider articles at $5 per 1000 characters at all. They have nothing to do with business or copywriting.

Profitability of copywriting services

When a business orders copywriting services, it expects to profit from them. In other words, it is an investment in measurable results. And the more a business earns, the higher the price can be charged for services. Market laws. When we work with a company, we operate in terms of value and economic benefit.

It’s just that few people need articles. And the result that these articles bring is much more in demand. In other words, as long as the commercial value of your work is higher than the cost of that work, your services will always sell well. This, by the way, is a good starting point for positioning.

All works described below are adapted for single copywriters. Of course, if you have a team, the range of services expands significantly.

Business tasks solved by copywriters.

There are several segments of tasks in business in which a copywriter can reveal himself and bring tangible benefits.

  • Attraction of clients
  • Converting customers and increasing the average check
  • Promotion of repeat sales
  • Branding tasks

I never took the last point seriously. However, it includes jobs that pay well, so we’ll look at them today too.

The attraction of new clients

A wide range of services can be used to solve this problem. There is plenty of room here for both beginners and professionals.

1. Articles for bulletin boards

Not everyone uses this method in business, but in the meantime, with its help, you can make additional sales. In my memory, there were tasks in which dollhouses, fireplaces, and even fuel trucks were sold through announcements from bulletin boards.

There are three critical points in the ad compilation service:

  1. Firstly, many do not know about them, and in fact, you open an additional sales channel for your business. Moreover, a free channel. If a company makes at least 2-3 sales per month, we can assume that the services pay off.
  2. This is an excellent opportunity for newbies to try out the pen and show their skills. The main thing here is to bring a lead – to arouse the audience’s interest and evoke a response. Typically, this is done using the CCT formula. Nothing complicated.
  3. Developing ad copy can be turned into a specialization, thus becoming an expert in this niche. By the way, the slot is almost free, so you can safely take it into service.

The development of a “package” of 5-10 ads can be sold on average from $100 to $250.

2. Cold commercial offers

I know at least two copywriters who have chosen commercial proposals as their specialty. I am convinced that there are much more narrow specialists, CP writers (if you are such, write – we will get acquainted).

The ability to create commercial proposals will always provide a copywriter with work. If only because he can make as many commercial offers for his services and organize a pipeline of orders.

I already hear the first question: “What if the commercial offer does not sell copywriting services?” Then a counter-question: “How are you going to create compress for the goods and services of clients if you cannot sell your own services?”

The cost of a “cold” CP varies on average from $100 to $500.

3. SEO-Articles

Thousands write SEO articles of authors on exchanges, and 99% of them cannot be watched without tears. I’m serious: hug and cry. Solid water. Even today, I went to the site to sell plastic windows, which are actively promoted in social networks. And what do I see? Pearls of this kind:

Windows, balconies, and loggias are perhaps some of the essential elements of any room. With their help, light enters the house and provides ventilation, protection of the room from cold and irritating external factors…

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr And, most importantly, not a single distinct competitive advantage! Yes, the text is “sharpened” for requests. But what is the point if people stumble upon “another company selling plastic windows”? They still buy from those who have a lower price or who give gifts. Plus, there is one more critical error: targeted advertising is carried to the site’s main page, at the end of the season, and even without an offer. However, this is not about that.

Do you think the competition for SEO copy is going through the roof? On a primitive level, yes. At the business level, everything is accessible here. Most of the articles on the sites are now stupidly sharpened for requests, and that’s it. Meanwhile, SEO text has a dual purpose:

  1. Bring a user from search engines to the site for a specific request.
  2. Convert a user (force him to do something, take a targeted action – go further along the sales funnel).

If you master the compilation of the semantic core, learn how to create unique SEO articles, and can explain to a potential client why your SEO articles are better than millions of others on the exchanges, you will be overwhelmed with work “to the glands.”

What are you talking about? How to justify? Well, at least like this:

  1. Correct SEO articles with good linking (with constant work on the site) often do not need additional promotion and go to the TOP by themselves. This means that only on your services, a client can save $500-1000 per month on advertising (there are nuances in competitive niches).
  2. Competent SEO articles solve two problems: they bring a potential client and hook him to the offer. In other words, they directly affect sales growth, while 99% of SEO articles from exchanges only bring people from search engines (at best).
  3. Sensible SEO articles are always read. This means that the behavioral factors on the site are on the rise and the site is on the increase in the rankings. The flow of the audience to the area directly depends on the articles.

The average cost of one SEO text for a website: $20 – $50 (with an average volume of 2000-2500 characters).

4. Scripts for cold calls

A very cool game. It’s called: program the client’s manager to close the deal and move to a new level. Fun, but requires basic sales skills and the ability to handle objections. Exactly! I’ll have to write an article on objections. Wait a minute. Everything I wrote it down in the plan.

A good script for cold calling is the starting point in the interaction chain with the target audience. It takes it to the next stage of interaction (for example, generating a lead, sending a quote, or presenting).

Many managers have a cold calling efficiency rate of 2-5%, which is very sad. A good copywriter can increase this figure to 30-40%. Although, there were scripts that achieved the goal in 70-80% of cases in my memory.

The average cost of developing a script: $500-$1000

Converting audience

Business Copywriting 10 Most Demanding Copywriting Services You Can Offer

The result of all the works described in this block is the same: the audience moves from one state to another:

  • From visitor to customer or lead
  • From “cold” prospect to “warm.”
  • From a “warm” potential client to a buyer who has entered into a contract, and so on.

For all these metamorphoses, or rather, for their quantitative indicators, the copywriter is responsible.

5. Texts for landing pages

These works are probably one of the most demanded and most widespread in copywriting. They can be conditionally divided into three categories:

  1. Selling letters are texts with a psychological adjustment – they are distinguished by a large volume and a high power of persuasion.
  2. Landing Page – selling pages are created based on prototypes – a schematic representation of functional blocks into which the text fits.
  3. Pages-subscribers, or capture page (Squeeze Page) – the page whose primary purpose is to collect Email addresses for follow-Email-Marketing. They differ in small size (1-1.5 screens) and high conversion (from 20 to 80%).

To solve individual problems, systems of selling pages are used. Most often, such systems can be found in the information business. For example, when a person expresses a desire to buy an information product, he is taken to a page offering an extended version of the product at a higher price. This approach allows you to increase the average bill, making the so-called upsell (upsell).

Globally, there are countless sub-niches in the development of landing pages that can become a specialty of a copywriter:

  • Services in the B2B segment
  • Products in the B2C segment
  • Info business and many others

Then in the same specialization copywriter, the more he is in demand in your niche. For example, I specialize more in the B2B segment, while many of my colleagues work exclusively with the B2C segment.

The average cost of text for a landing page ranges from $100 to $1000, depending on its type and purpose.

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6. Scripts for incoming orders and increasing the average check

This service is not much different from scripts for cold calls. The main difference is that you need to handle “warm” customers who have shown their interest in a product or service. As a rule, such scripts are used in conjunction with a selling page.

This also includes additional speech modules to increase the average bill. For example, if a customer buys a product, then with a probability of 30%, he can sell related products or services.

The average cost of scripts, as in the above case, is $500- $1000.

Promotion of repeat sales

This category includes services focused on building audience loyalty and long-term perspective. Such services are especially beneficial for the copywriter since the client can be taken on a permanent subscription service.

7. Articles in the corporate blog

Articles in a corporate blog are written according to a pre-thought-out strategy. They attract an audience from search engines, form an expert status and, to some extent, stimulate repeat sales. Not so much due to the content itself, but due to loyalty.

Tremendous help for this work if you are fluent in the business subject for which you are writing. Otherwise, you will have to coordinate your work with other employees who are competent in several narrow issues.

The cost of one article in a corporate blog is $50-$100. Therefore, if you publish 4-8 articles per month, this is $200-$800 additional income.

8. Email Marketing

Intelligent email marketers are now highly sought after. They can be connected either to create a mailing list from scratch or to an existing database of tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. 

The ability to plan a strategy, build trust, and create emails with a 

high click-through rate practically does not limit the earning ceiling of Email marketers. One letter can generate thousands of dollars in profit. Or destroy something that was created with great difficulty for many years. The responsibility here is very high.

The cost of running an Email campaign starts from $1000 per month and can go up to $5000-10000 if the copywriter works with large databases (up to several million addresses).

Other tasks

There are many other types of articles that can be developed in a complex of essential services. These are articles for booklets, flyers, banners, outdoor advertising, contextual advertising, etc. I most often give such articles as a gift, thereby increasing the impression of clients from work.

However, there are two areas that I want to consider separately – naming (coming up with names) and slogans. I think that in small and medium-sized businesses, this is a waste of money. However, there are a vast number of people willing to pay for it. 

Let’s take a closer look.

9. Naming

Foaming at the mouth, branding agencies prove: “As you name a ship, so it will float. So the choice of the name must be approached very selectively and responsibly”.

I believe that this is complete Chechnya. You can come up with a name that is ideal from a marketing point of view, but the client will say: “I don’t like it,” and all your work will go down the drain (if you don’t convince him). The subjective component is painfully vital here. Moreover, they do not enter the market with only one cool name. There must be a good marketing strategy.

But here’s the paradox: with a good strategy or connections, even the most unsuccessful name in terms of branding and phonosemantics, a la RosPromDecor Group, will have a wild turnover. Do you catch the thought?

At the same time, people are ready to pay for naming. And more. On average, such work costs from $150 to $1000. Another variable is the number of options. Someone offers 5, someone – 7, someone – 10. But for most clients, there are still not enough of them. As a result, you have to choose from what they give, break yourself, compromise. As a result – disappointment with all the ensuing consequences…

Especially for this occasion, I have developed a unique methodology for generating names (somehow, I will write about it in one of the articles). When people turn to me for naming, the bottom line is that I give the client 50+ proper names, and he chooses them according to his liking. So, with a probability of 80-90%, a person gets what he likes, and then he orders a strategy from me and gets sales. Everyone is happy. According to my observations, such a scheme is much better than an excellent name on the blackboard, but with a “bare bottom.”

10. Slogans

Another useless thing in small and medium-sized businesses. Several years ago, entrepreneurs and business people came to me more than once to solve this problem. And you know what? All of them had to be persuaded and told how best to do it right.

Imagine a man comes who opens a brick production and says: “I want a slogan like Toyota.” A reasonable question: “Why?” introduces a person into a stupor. Then you have to explain and put it on the shelves: here is the strategy: the sales system. Instead of a slogan, it is better to insert a USP and see the result than something pretentious and empty.

At the same time, the development of the slogan can be used as a locomotive and supplemented with other, more expensive services. The price ranges from $150 to $500.

And how to sell all these services?

Business Copywriting 10 Most Demanding Copywriting Services You Can Offer

Experienced copywriters already know how to market their services and don’t have a shortage of clients. Newbies are more difficult because they have to create a sales system from scratch.

If we reduce everything to simple recommendations, I will break it down into the following points.

  • Master related areas: contextual advertising, web analytics, Email marketing, SEO. A copywriter-digital marketer is valued several times higher than just a copywriter who writes articles.
  • Choose a specialization and try to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. For example, email marketing or SEO articles, a systems engineer, or a copywriter for an info business.
  • Use specialization to sell yourself. Show that you are not a shoemaker without boots, that you are using your knowledge and skills to sell your services, and that you will be able to sell goods and services to clients.
  • Use several different systems and experiments. For example, you can send commercial offers (to customers and potential partners), create a selling page, and conduct contextual advertising on it (this is how I started), blog, or email newsletter.
  • Communicate with representatives of your target audience wherever possible: at conferences, in the parking lot, when ordering services. For example, my friend Peter Tesla (by the way, a great marketer and blogger ) so often clings to clients. I don’t remember literally, but his phrase “I don’t know how I can do it better here. You are experts. I can increase your sales, tell you everything about SEO and contextual advertising, but I don’t understand the repair of auto electrics.” Works very well.
  • Learn to sell. Articles without sales skills are just a bunch of letters that cost nothing. The exact text can be sold for $50.


Ufff … Something I delayed with this article. In general, if you want to work as a copywriter and not just a text writer, work with a business. Business is ready to pay good money for the result. And to make it easier – get the result for yourself. After all, if you can sell your services, you can sell the client’s services (or goods). And everyone will benefit from this.

And may you have more clients than you can serve!

Yours sincerely, Devansh Pathak.

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