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5 Things Every Pitch Copywriter Should Keep in Mind

Pitch Copywriter

Have you ever thought about being a release copywriter?

Good for you!

A copy that writes texts to sell info products is no better than one that does not: not at all!

However, whoever has worked on a release is an all-rounder with experience in almost all aspects of copywriting and knows how to:

  • Recruitment and sale announcements
  • Registration pages, sales, thank you, check-out, waiting list…
  • Emails of recruitment, warm-up, training, sale, abandoned cart, infinite sequence…
  • Video scripts for a PLF (Product Launch Formula), webinars, advertisements, sales for landings…

We could say that participating as a copywriter in several different types of launches is like taking an accelerated copywriting master’s degree (more or less at 300 km/h).

But what is the life of a pitch copywriter like?

Intense, very intense. I can assure you!

It is a roller coaster full of adrenaline, euphoria, vertigo, free fall, and unlimited excitement.

Too many sensations to be a job, right?

I will give you examples of this in concrete situations:

You know well both your client and their product and avatar.

You can’t imagine how many companies or entrepreneurs want to sell an info product and don’t have a digital one.

Some already have it, but they are not clear about the name, price, buyer persona, or the value ladder of all their products is like.

In these cases, it will be necessary to help them discover each of these aspects.

The world of info products is very diverse and, therefore, very enriching.

You can be writing about what to do to keep thousands of people in shape and, in a few hours, about how to get an original wedding dance that all the guests will remember.

It is fun!

The usual thing is that you do not know everything. Therefore, the investigation will consist, fundamentally, in understanding the product or service, sector, and target audience.

Do not see the rush you get when you think you know ideally and control the info product and how this can help the end customer!

Estimated sales do not arrive, and the launch does not work

You are the butt of energy because the recruitment phase went very well and have signed thousands of people to a webinar or PLF (Product Launch Formula or Formula Launch ).

The attendance percentage is also quite acceptable, but, suddenly, without really knowing why, sales stagnate or come to a trickle.


It is necessary to take action in the matter to raise those numbers.

The client is pleased with the copies, and the launch is going like a rocket.

An inspired pitch copywriter begins typing and delivers his work with satisfaction.

And it is that when creativity emerges, the result is very comforting.

I imagine it must be the same thing that happens to a sculptor who, after having meticulously exerted himself with his chisel, presents a beautiful figure extracted from what was previously only a block of stone.

You do not arrive in time to write all the planned copies.

A launch is something alive that you have to adapt as it happens:

  • A link was not correctly configured, and a new email must be prepared to send the correct link.
  • It is necessary to adapt the texts of emails and announcements to the numbers of live attendees to a class.
  • Writing sales emails in an unforeseen direction is needed to increase the conversion.

I will not deny it! All of us copywriters who have launched know that, at times, it can be very stressful.

Therefore, good planning will help you have the time to write quality texts, which contribute undeniably to the release’s success, as Javi comments on his podcast, “Why are you wrong when planning a release and how to correct it?”.

If you are wondering what to do as a copy so that the peaks of the roller coaster exceed the gullies, I will tell you next.

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5 critical aspects of being a good pitch copywriter

5 critical aspects of being a good pitch copywriter
via pexels

We go with them.

#1 Have a clear and complete vision of all phases of the launch

Before you start writing, you must know perfectly:

  • The lead magnet for uptake
  • The product or service that is sold as the main product
  • The down-sell that is offered to those who do not buy in the first instance
  • The upsell provided to those who have done so
  • Pain points
  • Profits
  • Objections
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs

In this way, you will work the launch as a coherent and integrated project.

#2 Be original: the key is in differentiation

Facebook policies, the economic crisis, and the abuse of launches have made it necessary to differentiate a lot to be successful.

The audience is saturated with always hearing the same promises.

The same discourse, whatever the info-product or the company that sells it, has generated boredom and indifference among consumers.

And what can you do to differentiate yourself?

Storytelling in emails

Tell little stories in the emails of the different phases of the launch.

For this, you must know very well all the products or services of the client’s value ladder and himself, as we have already commented previously.

There is nothing more difficult for a copy than to write blindly.

An excellent initial form, both for the product and the ideal client, will help you a lot.

Ah! and ask everything you don’t know or don’t know.


The greater the segmentation and the more specific we target, the better the launch result.

Of course, do not use the second person singular if you want Facebook to approve your ads or, more importantly, do not ban or close your client’s account.


In addition to selling their product, info producers want to help consumers improve their lives, and, in general, they do not feel comfortable forcing them to buy.

Remember that copywriting is the art of persuading with words so that it is the user who feels the need to buy a product or hire a service. Don’t force the sale!

If, as a copy, you understand this purpose and use conscious copywriting so that the sale is not so aggressive or forced, not only will you get more purchases, but your client will be more satisfied, and so will you.

Theirs is that your client always presents himself as he is and transmits what he thinks and feels.

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#3 Capture the avatar’s attention

The first sentence of ads, landings, and emails (read “subject”) is vital.

Take the time to get your target audience to keep reading or listening for a video!

#4 Listen to the audience and add value

For this, it is necessary to spend a lot of time researching the buyer persona :

  • View and read testimonials to understand their concerns and needs and address copies from the buyer’s mind
  • Study the comments on the social networks of our client and his competition
  • Find out what similar businesses do to take advantage of the good ideas that are working for them.

As a copywriter, our mission is to add value to the end customer, whether through a blog, social media, or the entire launch as a whole.

#5 Check, check, and check again

pitch copywriter
via pexels

As I imagine you already know, in the world of copywriting and writing, it is necessary to let the texts rest and review them before delivering them to obtain an optimal final result.

It may be that an idea you think is perfect today, tomorrow you think is horrible, or the other way around.

Being in “correction mode” instead of “creative mode” gives a different perspective.

You also need:

  • Check spelling and periods and commas
  • Eliminate repetitions
  • Give rhythm to the text
  • Read everything out loud to remove anything complicated to read

But remember you have a deadline, so better done than perfect!

As you have seen, time will be your worst enemy.

A pitch copywriter takes a long, long time to deliver quality persuasive texts that are close, original, and capable of attracting the consumer’s attention without being forced to buy.

If you have participated in launches and identify with any of the situations mentioned in this post, please, leave your comment below.

Do you also feel like you are on a roller coaster?

If you have not worked as a release copywriter (either because you have not had the opportunity yet or because you have not yet trained as such), but you would like to do it, comment and ask how much you want.

If my experience in this field can help you, I will be happy to do so 😉

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