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Secrets To Make $100 Daily With Content Marketing (2022 Updated)

Content Marketing in 2021

Content Marketing: It is one of the most effective marketing methods with an advertising purpose but does not have an advertising image in practice. I have prepared an article that can increase the conversions you get in your content marketing activities by up to 100%.

For brands that have not yet specialized in content marketing, this rate may be much higher. I bet the 5 minutes you devote to this article will multiply your earnings from now on. We are starting!

With a Wider Definition,

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

To offer informative, interesting, benefit-oriented content within the framework of their interests to the target audience who has the potential to be interested in your brand and products. The most critical issue is that the contents we offer to turn into income-generating actions, but this effect does not cause indigestion in the target audience. That’s why I summarize content marketing as follows:

“Content marketing is not seeking leads through advertising; to provide the advertisement, the potential customer is looking for. “

In the definition above, don’t be fooled by the fact that I often used the word advertising. The best content marketing is possible with content that does not smell ads. 

Remember: People everywhere are bored or saturated with advertising. Therefore, it is inevitable that they will not voluntarily search the internet for advertisement (ad content). Please give them the information they’re looking for, but it has an ad value.😉

NOTE: In this article, I will talk about content marketing with microsites and blog pages. If we try to get into other content marketing methods, you may get tired of reading.🙂 Don’t worry. I will continue to share new articles about content marketing methods.

How To Make The Most Effective Content Marketing With Blog Posts?

The first thing we do should be to get rid of our strategy mistakes. Even when I look at brands with very high market shares, I see apparent strategy mistakes. One of them is that they create SEO-oriented (search engine compatible) blog posts entirely. The compatibility of your content with search engines is not a strategy error. It is the right strategy, but because it is “completely SEO-focused,” the content is not conversion-oriented. It is the wrong strategy.

It will be a much more effective move if you prepare the content you create focusing on conversion, then make it compatible with search engines.

When you examine the news sites, you can see that the keywords with high search volume are repeated frequently, and the vocal crowd knows no limits to ensure this repetition. Expecting a conversion from such content in sales is as meaningless as looking for a polar bear in the desert.

So Why Do News Sites Do This?

The purpose of news sites in content broadcasting is to increase the number of visitors, increase intra-site circulation, and similar targeting instead of selling a product. Therefore, you will see interesting new headlines on the right and left of the news you are reading.

The conversion goal for news sites is: to attract sponsors by increasing the number of visitors. You can think of it as TV channels increase ratings through TV series and receive advertisements from sponsors.

Why Did I Tell You This?

You may want the content you create for content marketing to rank first on google in essential keywords. To ensure this, you may search for the keyword you aim to find on google before starting your article and examining what kind of content competitors have created. Regardless of the subject, you may come across news sites in the top ranks due to your research.😉 That is why I wanted to focus on this issue, so do not take news sites’ content as a reference. I want not to create such content. Don’t worry; you can beat them in the search results!

Correct Calls To Action(CTA) Are Important To Increase Transformation With Blog Posts

Content Marketing cta

I just mentioned that you shouldn’t get inspiration from news websites. So, I need to tell you what you need to create content with high revenue potential. This article is not about SEO methods; I continue by reminding you that I talked about the transformation. Now is the time to market our products to the curious people passing by and entering our store!

The anchor texts (roughly: links) must be structured correctly. For example, let’s say you sell a cordless drill. You have an add-to-cart page where you directly list the product and mention its features. You must be attracting visitors to these pages with various advertisements or organic searches. However, you also want to use content marketing with your blog pages.

Think: How many people would like to read a 500-1000 word article to buy a cordless drill? With the exceptions, no one! So you know what needs to be done. On your blog, you can talk about the usage areas of the product or the information consumers are looking for, not your product. Imagine a headline like this:

TITLE: Practical Assembly Methods For Furniture You Order Online

Look, I haven’t thought about this title for a long time, but isn’t it quite clear that I am not talking about the cordless drill in the title? There are dozens of information that can be given under this title.


  • You can explain how assembly catalogs should be interpreted.
  • You can talk about which parts to start the assembly process.
  • You can talk about what should be considered not to damage the product during the assembly process.

It is the kind of information that people who can use a cordless drill will be interested in. If I wanted to sell a cordless drill, I would prepare such content. In some of the content, I would mention the following:

“If you are using a screwdriver during product assembly, be careful not to press the screwdriver with your palm. Otherwise, you may not be able to notice it at that moment, and you can see that your palm is swollen and your skin peels after the assembly. If it is impossible to insert the screws into the furniture without applying pressure, you should use a cordless drill to avoid such injuries. “

Placing the above information in a short section of an entire article will not bother people who benefit from the knowledge in your writing. Just that! Don’t mention (or, let’s say, not exaggerate) more cordless drills.

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Well, Is It Enough To Do That Much? Never! We Continue.

With the paragraph above, you are putting oil on the bread of all cordless drill vendors. If your goal is not to send potential customers to your competitors, you should do more. It is possible to achieve this with a simple two touches.

I have seen hundreds of brands that have successfully implemented what I have described so far, but only a few of them were able to think of adding the proper technique, which I will explain in a moment.

If it is impossible to insert the screws into the furniture without applying pressure, you should use a cordless drill to avoid such injuries.

Linking the words “cordless drill” in the sentence above and directing them to the product page would not be a correct move. It may be necessary for on-page search engine optimization, but it is not enough to convert because there is no call to action. Sorry, but this link doesn’t get clicked much. Instead, follow a path like this:

If it is impossible to insert the screws into the furniture without applying pressure, you should use a cordless drill to avoid such injuries. Check out the ideal cordless drills for home use on this page.

Look, this link is clicked. There’s an invitation to action here. It says, “Click on the link.”

I know the question mark in your mind: You may think that we do not support in-site search engine optimization because we link to the words “on this page.” You may be saying, “Let me do both together while I have done it,” and you are right. If so, you can also follow these methods:

Method 1 – You can link again to the “cordless drill” anchor text at the end of the article. This way, you get conversion from the first link and SEO benefits from the second link.

Method 2 – If you do not want to redirect to the same page twice in the article, you can revise the sample sentence as follows:

Check out the ideal cordless drills for home use on this page> Cordless Drill.

As you can see, there is an invitation to action again, and the use of keywords has also been made. This link is also clicked.

Method 3 – You can link to the sentence “Check out the ideal rechargeable drills for home use.” This type of long anchor also has a high click rate. In addition, it will contribute to your SEO activities, as it contains the words charged drill in the sentence.

Before moving on to another topic, I should also mention this. You don’t have to focus every blog post on conversion in indirect ways. In addition to this type of article, there are also “Things to consider when buying a cordless drill, what is a cordless drill, which brand should I use?” You can create articles with titles. Increase the examples.

How Do I Decide The Length Of The Blog Post?

Content Marketing

I have seen some experts’ advice on the subject as “do not write too long articles.” It is not valid. Truth: You can write articles of any length as long as you can maintain interest. Of course, I’m not talking about the book’s length, but you don’t have to limit the topic to 400-500 words. Measure your ability to keep interested or not.

There are some tools by which you can gauge whether you can maintain interest. For example, you can see the average number of minutes spent on the page related to Google Analytics. If your visitors spend an average of 1 minute in an article of 1000 words, it means that your article has not been read until the end.

Likewise, the rate at which the links at the end of the page are clicked or not can give clues about whether your article has been read until the end. It is possible to measure this with Google Analytics. However, end-of-page clicks may not be a realistic measurement method because there may be insufficient calls to action at the end of the page. Therefore, it is helpful to use a second measurement tool. For example, you can use Hot jar.

With Hot jar, you can follow the mass movements of your visitors on the page. You will be able to monitor which points on the page, how many times you clicked, up to which point the page is scrolled, and so on. This shows you:

The scroll temperature of the page continues until the end of the page (i.e., people read the article until the end), but if they do not respond to the calls to action, then there is no problem with the length of the text. The problem is that calls to action are not tempting. Then you can overhaul calls to action.

Let’s say the scroll temperature ends in the middle of the page (so people don’t read the article until the end). In this case, you may consider moving the calls to action you place at the end of the page to higher paragraphs. Or you can reorganize your article to shorten it, make it more immersive.

These operations are not only for determining the length of the post; We do it to increase the conversion of the links.

Allocate Ad Budget For Your Posts With High Target Completion Rates

targeted audiences

Again, by defining goals with Google Analytics, you can analyze which page converts at what rate. If we continue with the previous example, this measurement means: How many people have read your article titled “Practical assembly methods for furniture you ordered online,” how many of those who read went to the product stage where the drill was located, and how many people completed the purchase.

This information is essential data for content marketing. You will find that some blog posts have an incredible impact on product sales. You may have planned or unplanned this result, but progressing with reports, not estimates, will save your budget. If you have detected your blog posts with a high conversion rate to sales, you can allocate a budget for these blog posts on social media. For example, you can post on Facebook and choose the “Highlight Post” option for a fee. You can also evaluate other advertising options.

Want an Effective Content Marketing Example?

Would you read the article if the title of this article was like this?

“Prefer Blog Writer Devansh Pathak for Content Marketing”

Hmm. I think very few people would read this ad-smelling headline. Maybe nobody would even read it. Instead, I’ve prepared a whole piece of content that tells you how to do content marketing and doesn’t talk about myself (except for this part). Even if you don’t get professional support from me in content marketing, you should have learned a lot from this article. It is what good content marketing should provide. Even if the reader is not interested in the targeted product for sale, he should get the information he is looking for from that article and not regret reading it.

This article is capable of marketing me for authorship, but since I’m not the subject, can it be considered effective content marketing? I leave the interpretation of this to you.


  • In your blog posts, talk about the information they are looking for, not the clichés like “to you, our valued customers.”
  • Instead of describing the products you target to market, create a separate page for those products and mention the relevant product very briefly in your blog post. Make this mention exactly where it should be, and redirect to the product page.
  • Do not expect conversions for sales from those words by linking keyword words for the product. Invite the reader to the action so that the word you linked is clicked.
  • Analyze if your blog posts are the right length. For this, you can use analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Hot jar.
  • Check if your calls to action are having an impact on people. Watch how people react to these calls. To do this, you can get help from Hotjar and similar analysis tools.
  • Revise your articles according to the data you get from analysis and measurement tools.
  • Identify your blog posts with the highest conversion rate with Google Analytics and allocate an advertising budget for these articles.

Finally, my recommendation is to work with experts in using measurement, analysis, and reporting tools. A digital marketing expert who does his job well knows all these tools and much more. Likewise, print your blog posts to people who are experts in content marketing because a single sentence or even a single word in the entire article can cause all proportions to change.

What are your thoughts on the topic? I’d love to hear. Share your thoughts in the comments box below.👇

Yours Sincerely, Devansh Pathak.

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