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How a Freelance copywriter Makes Money: A start-to-Finish Guide

How a copywriter (and any freelancer) gets expensive orders

Being a freelance copywriter is an occupation or profession that can be very profitable, especially when digital media demand more and better content. Nowadays, knowing how to make money as a freelance copywriter is crucial for the use of your time, your money, and your effort in this activity. Stay with me in this article so that you have the initial steps to achieve it.

Earning money through the Internet has become an option for many, through a blog, answering ads, doing surveys, or in many other ways. One of those ways is as a freelance writer, who writes for others, without belonging to any company, acting as a freelancer.

Was it read well? Independent professional! Yes, he writes professionally and is independent. That is, he is his boss and manages his resources. And I emphasize it because it is the only way to make money as a freelance copywriter.

In this post, I will present you with a guide to making money as a copywriter or freelance writer, but we have to start at the beginning. First of all, I will clarify what a freelance worker is and what its characteristics are. Then I will explain some ideas for you to earn money as a freelance writer.

What is the profile of a freelance writer?

What Is The Profile Of A Freelance Writer?

There are fewer and fewer jobs, but there will always be more jobs. And there will be freelancers to take advantage of them.

This type of worker works in any area, from sales to medicine (of course, not as a doctor), with the profile of a professional. You do not need or require a university degree to practice your profession, which is the significant difference with the university profession. In the case of the writer, as I said at the beginning, also known as a copywriter, he is an independent worker. He provides his services to companies or people independently.

Some professions are impossible to practice without a university degree recognized by the authorities of a country, such as doctors, engineers, or lawyers. However, many modern professions and other consulting and advisory professions do not require such a degree from a university. These professions performed autonomously and independently are generally exercised by the new professional, the freelancer.

Through the Internet, many of these professions can be practiced, usually related to  ​​information and communication technology. We see this, programmers, database administrators, or data transcriptionists. Besides, we also find professionals in the marketing area oriented towards the digital world; It is there where we find the editors or Copywriters. They are responsible for writing content for blogs, web pages, social networks, and, finally, the entire environment of 2.0 communication.

A freelancer is not born. It is made… And it is perfected

A Freelancer Is Not Born. It Is Made... And It Is Perfected

Each individual is unique and has its characteristics, differentiating itself from the rest of their environment. However, in the Copywriters Guild, to succeed and earn money as a freelance writer, the writer must have specific shared characteristics.


The freelance writer must be constantly motivated since he does not have a boss to assign him a job. You must search for it on your own, on freelance websites, through social media, or using any reasonably appropriate means. And chances are, you’ll have to knock on a lot of doors at first before landing your first contract.

If you want to be a freelance writer, you have to have a constant motivational attitude. Don’t be discouraged by the “No thanks” that you will receive at the beginning. Or even worse, the lack of response to your proposals, since they do not always respond to you, leaving you with thousands of uncertainties about your offer.

Perhaps, the feedback from your editor also tends to demotivate you, which returns you and makes you rewrite a large part of your work, or the final client disagrees with the result of your work. In short, several factors tend to demotivate the writer.

You may jump into the ring with great enthusiasm, and as the days, weeks, and even months go by, the motivation decreases because you do not see the short-term results, abandoning the idea. To avoid that, the freelance copywriter has to be a self-motivated person.

In focus

Closely linked to the previous point is the focus, which refers to the ability to stay on track without deviating from it. Many factors will try to deviate from that purpose you have set for yourself, as I mentioned earlier. These factors can generate frustration and that frustration, very often, tends to vary from your goal and, therefore, make you lose focus.

You will find job proposals that are not chosen or articles that are returned or rejected by clients. That, perhaps, will not only blur you from your goal but will generate frustration and even make you give up on your mission as a freelance writer. It is just at that moment in which you have to show off your ability to focus and stand firm in the face of eventualities.

Believe me when I tell you that these adverse situations strengthen you, help you grow, and focus more and better on your goal. You must take it as something typical of the area, that is, as a part of the job, and never as something personal.


It is essential, not only for the writer but for every freelance professional, to be a disciplined worker. Discipline, beyond a characteristic of a professional, is an indispensable quality to achieve human success. The discipline of the freelance writer, in others, encompasses the following aspects:

  • Read every day
  • Write every day
  • Establish and stick to a work schedule
  • Do not leave things to the last minute
  • Plan the workweek

Discipline is essential for you as a copywriter because, mainly, you are your boss, and you don’t have anyone to remind you of what you have to do. You are also your employee who you will have, sooner rather than later, evaluate and give a performance rating.

From the results obtained in a given period, you will have to introspect and ask yourself: Have I been disciplined enough as I should have been? Only you will know the answer.


The work of the freelance writer is based on a work methodology. However, the result of their writing must have a high degree of creativity. The web has all the information you are looking for to write your articles, but you cannot rely on a “cut & paste” technique. You could be guilty of plagiarism, and that search engines penalize you, then you have to be original, and it is not about being different but about being authentic. It would be best if you had your own style, and that own style is the result of creativity.

And you must take creativity beyond your texts and make it manifest in the way you search for your clients. You have to be creative in promoting yourself and your business and what your value proposition is.


Do not think that the freelance writer is an improvisational genius who sits in front of his laptop or PC and produces a great article out of nowhere. Who takes a deep breath, takes a sip of coffee, and starts to drop letters from the keyboard, creating a great post without more. Well, nothing is further from reality because the result of their work comes from a correctly applied method.

And the freelance writer is not only methodical about writing. It is also for research, customer service, preparation of proposals, and everything that has to do with their work.

By this, I do not mean that you have to be 100% attached to a procedure to do anything related to your freelance writing job. The idea is that you arrive at the proposed results in an orderly and systematic way.

Inveterate reader

Reading, oh yes, homework! It’s what takes you from being an amateur freelance writer to a professional one. When you are a great reader, you not only manage to improve the way you organize your ideas, but you also expand your vocabulary to better express what you want to say. You become able to express yourself in a less monotonous way, and you manage to create a more attractive style. Remind yourself of what I told you earlier regarding being creative.

Also, you don’t just read to write text for a client; you also read to grow. Do you remember that I told you about being Self-Motivated and Focused ?; Well, through reading, you nourish your soul and spirit; being through it how you manage to keep your motivation high. Reading is the best technique to face adversities that can demotivate you and blur your goal. There is a lot written about it on the web, and I recommend that you look for a few authors and subscribe to entrepreneurship pages to stay up to date.

Know the spelling and grammar

Knowledge of spelling and grammar is crucial for the professional copywriter as spelling and grammar errors create visual noise. To write coherent sentences and phrases, the writer requires a deep understanding of the syntax, grammar, and spelling of the language he writes.

As a freelance writer, you must keep up to date with the language changes over time. For example, recently, the Royal English Academy or RAE, as many know it, has introduced a series of changes to many rules for accentuation and punctuation. Thus, words that had an accent were no longer used. Therefore, being up to date with these changes is essential to reflect them as soon as possible in the texts.

Proper spelling and a good command of grammar are a form of respect for the reader. If you want to convey your ideas with respect, you must make impeccable use of spelling, grammar, and writing.

Know the techniques in web writing

To make money as a freelance writer, you have to know SEO content writing techniques very well. While it is true that we write for people, it is no less accurate that search engine robots evaluate us. Consequently, we must achieve the maximum balance between the two since we cannot sacrifice one to please the other.

You must also know the storytelling techniques that are nothing more than writing with a narrative technique that manages to attract the readers’ attention by creating a story. You can create stories of all kinds; they have to know how to adapt them to the theme and apply the required style.


The freelance writer who makes money is bound to be a great researcher. Nobody knows them all, and that is why you should investigate the ones that you do not know. As a freelance writer, you have to deal with many different topics, and the only way to do it is by doing research.

Nowadays, you have to be very efficient when it comes to research since you have to do it quickly. You also have to recognize reliable sources and those that are not, considering that the Internet is an excellent repository of information.

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How a freelance writer makes money

How A Freelance Writer Makes Money

Amateur freelance copywriters don’t make money. Professionals do. That is the difference.

To start making money as a freelance writer, you have to start by marketing your services since your clients will not come from anywhere. You also have to practice the recommendations indicated in the previous characteristics since the market is competitive and you have to be good at this job. There are also a few actions that you must take into account to crystallize that objective, which I explain to you below:

1. Create your blog

It is the easiest option to start publishing on the web and start gaining visibility. Maybe you are an expert on a particular topic or have a hobby you know a lot about. Write about it to develop your skills and also gain followers.

Write frequently and periodically, find a particular style, and get used to your followers to find fresh content. Blogger and are excellent platforms for creating your blog.

With your blog, you can earn money by putting a button for those who like your posts to make donations, looking for companies that want to advertise on it, or through affiliate marketing. I recommend the following article to help you create your blog: how to design a blog to promote yourself as a freelance writer.

2. Create your personal brand

Our personal brand is ourselves; yes, each of us is his own brand; It’s what people perceive about us, whether we work on it or not. That is why it is better to work on it a little and thus offer the best version of you that you can give.

So you ask yourself, how can I work on my personal brand? Although this is the subject of not one but several articles, here are a few tips that help you in that:

  • Create your personal blog
  • Create a work account on social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn mainly)
  • Define your target audience and your target audience
  • Network with other professionals in your area and other freelance writers
  • Research about this topic

When you offer your services, what do you think is the first thing that the prospect who may be your client does? The first thing it does is put your name in its search engine. Depending on what you find on the web, you have a greater chance of making money as a freelance copywriter. If you don’t find anything, the chances are less.

3. Write as a guest on other blogs

Guest writing on other blogs does not mean writing for free. Search blogs within your favorites and offer your services as a freelance writer. You do not know the circumstances of those blogs, and maybe they need copywriters. The worst thing that can happen to you is that it is not like that, but what if it is the opposite? It turns out that you did not participate because you did not try.

In addition, blogging allows you to gain visibility and reputation. Find ways to participate as a guest in those blogs that offer you a payment and will enable you to refer to your articles from your own blog. That will make it possible for you to earn money as a freelancer.

4. Register in platforms to make money as a freelance writer 

Perhaps one of the ways to make money as a freelance writer that offers “short-term” results is through website registration. And I put you “short” in quotes because you may have to apply to many proposals and offers before one of these is accepted.

Each one has its own style and its own business model, and none are 100% free. They all have a way of making money, whether through the copywriter, the end customer, or both. However, below I leave you the leading work platforms as a freelance writer:

  1. Contena
  2. Upwork
  3. FlexJobs
  4. Freelance Writing Jobs
  5. Textbroker
  6. Contently
  7. MediaBistro
  8. ProBlogger
  10. Constant Content
  12. Writer Access
  13. Craigslist
  14. BloggingPro

As I have seen, making money as a freelance writer is, like all serious work, and not work, an activity that requires time and dedication. Many people live from this activity, and if others have achieved it, I do not see why you cannot or can achieve it. I invite you not to try but to do it and not lose your focus or initial enthusiasm. Document yourself and start, don’t leave it for later!

And before you go, I want to hear from you! What is the number one challenge you’re experiencing when it comes to copywriting and your business? Where are you stuck? Where can I help you? Comment below, let me know. I can’t wait to see you guys again.

Yours sincerely, Devansh Pathak.

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