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Professional Burnout in Copywriting: Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

professional burnout in copywriting

There is psychological burnout in every profession, and copywriting is no exception. Emotional stress, tight deadlines, difficulties in work can sometimes lead to disastrous results. How to understand that you have experienced professional burnout, what can be done about it, and how to prevent it will tell you in the article.

Burnout Causes And Symptoms

The desire to do the job at its best and the fear of failure is a lot of stress. In addition to this, several factors increase psychological stress:

Burnout Causes And Symptoms
  • Environment. Many people are very skeptical about freelancing work. It is especially true for the older generation. If a copywriter constantly hears in his address that he is a slacker and is doing something incomprehensible, this is a direct path to burnout.
  • Unbearable burden. If a specialist does not have enough skills and takes on a challenging task, this can negatively impact. There will be a desire to do the job perfectly, but with a bit of experience, it will not work right away. As a result, constant emotional stress and a desire to give up everything.
  • Criticism. The customer turns to a copywriter for quality material. If the client did not receive it in the first version, he wants to receive such a text in the second or third edition. To achieve their goal, the customer honestly tells the author what to work on. Some copywriters react painfully to criticism and become discouraged.
  • Life is work. It is not worth devoting all your time to work ultimately, as this can have negative consequences. Even if this activity brings joy, one day, terrible fatigue will inevitably come, and you will want to quit such work abruptly.
  • Eternal pursuit. Even if you are a successful copywriter, you are constantly looking for customers and new jobs. As a result, you take on everything, and you don’t have time for anything. You get tired and don’t get enough sleep.
  • Comparison. You read successful authors’ work, constantly compare yourself to others, and feel frustrated when you realize that you write worse than them.
  • Lack of progress. There are times when a difficult turning point begins in work. It seems that you are doing the same thing, but success does not come. It only gets worse, harder.
  • On the contrary, it was a great success. When a copywriter reaches certain heights, he starts to “slip” and does not feel development. Work turns into a routine and ceases to please and bring pleasure.

The main symptom of professional burnout is an unwillingness to work, fatigue from what you do. When the thought of texts makes you want to throw your laptop out the window and tell the customer everything that you think about it, such a mood, of course, does not contribute to productivity. You make everything worse and become even more depressed. It happens that such a worker “shares” his mood with others, starts to get sick physically (insomnia, headache, etc.).

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How To Get Rid Of The Symptoms Of Professional Burnout

The first thing to do is to “score” on work. To finish urgent current affairs so as not to let the customer down and to take a break. Further, depending on the reasons and degree of burnout, you can do the following:

How To Get Rid Of The Symptoms Of Professional Burnout
  • Take a vacation. Give yourself a few days to get a good break from work. Be sure to leave the apartment, even if it is a park not far from the house. Chat with friends, especially those you haven’t seen for a long time. Try not to communicate with colleagues or discuss work issues with anyone during this time.
  • Recharge with new emotions. Take a break from work and do something that will give you new experiences. It can be an extreme sport, a new film (TV series), a contemporary art exhibition, or a trip to a place where you have not been before (theater, unusual restaurant, amusement park, etc.).
  • Change activity. For some, this may be the best solution. Think about what you love to do the most: cook, read, sew, or repair your car. Go into a hobby with your head and be distracted for a while.
  • Chat with colleagues. In one of the points, I advised the opposite, but this option helps someone. Chat with successful peers and ask how they get through tough times. Boldly talk about painful issues and work problems and ask what they do in such cases or advise you.
  • Seek professional help. Consulting a psychologist is not only not a shame but also, to some extent, “fashionable.” The times when you “turned to a psychologist means a psycho” are long in the past. This person exists precisely to help you in a difficult situation.

Even after you managed to get rid of the symptoms of professional burnout, there is no guarantee that they will not come back again. To do this, I propose to carry out prevention from time to time.

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Burnout Prevention In Copywriting

To avoid burnout, it is enough to adhere to some simple rules:

Burnout Prevention In Copywriting
  • Tune in in advance to the fact that in any profession, there are both disadvantages and advantages. Be prepared for failure, criticism (which, incidentally, contributes to professional growth), and stagnation at work. With due diligence and perseverance, success will surely come.
  • Get distracted by extraneous things. Not during work, of course. But it would be best if you didn’t reduce your whole life to work. Even if there is no desire and mood, watch movies, TV shows, leave the house, meet with friends and communicate live.
  • Give yourself time to be successful. Do not compare yourself to those who “achieved success in just …”. You do not know for sure all the nuances of such stories. Do not take too complex orders at once. Please do not be ashamed of your inexperience; over time, it will all go away. Move gradually from simple tasks to more difficult ones. If you feel that you are not ready to take on the difficult, do not take it. With the proper perseverance, you will soon be able to fulfill orders with any requirements.
  • Find another job. If you think that copywriting is a “frivolous occupation” and you cannot yet pay your mortgage, feed your family or fly to Bali with it, find another job that will temporarily become your primary job. Work as a copywriter in your spare time and advance in this profession in a relaxed mode.
  • Don’t get hung up on failure. If something doesn’t work out, it’s temporary. It would help if you went through this stage, and success will come. Find the strength to “step over” the negative moments and let them go quickly.
  • Do not take comments from customers personally. The client is not criticizing you for ridiculing or embarrassing you. For a good result, you need to be able to work on your mistakes. Cut off the anger and focus on rewriting and improving the text according to the client’s wishes.
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Dilute your life with exciting moments, do not limit yourself to writing texts and sitting at home. Visit exhibitions, museums, cinemas or concerts. Chat with friends, travel, and read books not only on professional topics. It will be an excellent prevention of professional burnout and will emotionally enrich you as a writer.

What are your thoughts on the topic? I’d love to hear. Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Yours Sincerely, Devansh Pathak.

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