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A Ghost Algorithm To Make Money As A Newbie Copywriter

Where can a newbie copywriter make money for a living here and now, if without exchanges

Indeed, I offered one of the solutions for copywriters in the long term, but I did not completely close the issue of money here and now, which a person needs to exist. Everyday, he just mentioned a little about the combination. After all, what kind of content projects can there be when there is nothing. Plus, you have to pay for housing and utilities every month. And if children? They also need to be fed with something. And not with promises of a bright future.

Of course, it would be cool if there was a clear and understandable instruction: do one, two, three – and there will be money. Well, something like on the stock exchanges: register, put up an article for sale or take an order to work, withdraw the money. Only to get paid typically. Moreover, they did not get banned. Moreover, there was no competition.

Furthermore, the attitude is human. Furthermore, the customers are adequate. Moreover, the commissions are smaller. And no moderators. And no dumping. And so that you can quickly fill your hand. Is it naïve?

Not naïve. However, there is a problem. It does not work that way. In most cases, a person alone cannot influence the circumstances. Of course, some exceptions prove the rule, but we have what we have and are forced to work with the resources and opportunities that we have in most cases.

Moreover, each person has his opportunities and circumstances. The only question is how widely a person looks at them. If we consider exchanges as the only option, this is too narrow a viewing angle. We need to expand it. Moreover, there is a straightforward algorithm that does not exist. It sounds ridiculous and contradictory but wait for a little; I will explain everything now.

About People, Money, And Circumstances

In general, this can be called the norm because the human brain is a fantastic substance that loves to ignore things if they complicate the analysis of the situation (the fewer elements, the more accessible). Although I will not hide, there are people whose views are a little more expansive. 

Although this is also not a fountain, in all honesty, the situation does not become clearer from this. Moreover, many people make a mistake: they are looking for customers to pay them for the texts, but very few people need the texts by themselves. No one will offer regular money for a faceless set of thousands of characters.

Nevertheless, many other things directly or indirectly affect or affect how a person finds himself. Moreover, there are many more opportunities to earn money through copywriting. However, the brain does not want to see them. He wants something straightforward. So that you do not need to understand so that you can do it quickly and easily.

The brain does not like to strain at all, and this makes evolutionary sense. For example, consider experience, acquaintances, material and technical base, geographic location, and other aspects when all this is not needed on the exchanges. In the same place, know for yourself – write texts for a penny, and that is it. However, this is a delusion.

At least because… When you start thinking broadly, analyzing all the factors in your life, you begin to see and solve applied problems. The brain itself begins to process the initial data and look for a solution. Then the exchanges no longer seem to be the only way out of a difficult situation. There are many more options.

The broader you look at things, the more you notice your problems and the problems of other people. Moreover, here the system closes: when you know how to solve another person’s problem (if with the help of text, copywriting), he has an objective reason to pay you money. Moreover, this money will solve your problems. Sounds simple in words, right? However, how to implement this? Where is the instruction?

A Ghost Algorithm That Does not Exist.

Take another look at the images above. When the first illustration was only you and the stock exchange, everything could be amazingly summed up under step-by-step instructions:

  • Register
  • Take order
  • Write
  • Get small, but money
  • Withdraw the money… If you can.

Nevertheless, new variables appeared in the task:

  • Your experience
  • Your friends
  • Your location
  • Your free time
  • Your preferences
  • Your age
  • Your place of work/study and much more.

How many other people do you think to have the same initial data as you? That is right, almost zero. Yes, certain people may have something in common with you, but the coincidences will only be isolated.

Now imagine that there is an algorithm that is perfect for your situation. Let us call it “Super Duper Diamond Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Success and Making Big Money Online Here and Now.” Do you think it will work for another person? Most probably not. Just because it has different input data. Hence the conclusion: you can master the principle, but everyone develops the instructions for himself. If he does not develop, he quickly becomes disillusioned with copywriting or sits on the exchanges for years, complaining of the forums about the unfairness of the moderators or simply shifting the blame to the circumstances. However, this is not our method.

Now I will show you a simple principle, with the help of which you will at least learn to look at the situation more broadly and translate everything into the plane of tasks, and as a maximum – master copywriting to make money here and now. Moreover, in a unique way that suits you (and is unlikely to suit someone else). Ready? Then sit back; we are getting started!

Factors For “Assembling” The Way Map

As I said, the process of solving a problem by a copywriter begins with collecting initial data. Moreover, since a copywriter does not work with text but with tasks, then these skills can be easily applied in real life. What is not a task – to make money for beginner copywriting here and now? What a challenge! Let us face it.

Look at your surroundings and analyze the situation at different levels to put all the influencing factors on the map. This will be your starting point. At the same time, the factors can be viewed from two angles: negative and positive. Now I will explain with examples.

1. Current Job (Source Of Income)

Most people who decide to master copywriting for money, as a rule, do not like their current job: boring, unpromising, little money, fellow bastards, etc. This is a negative viewing angle. Positive is the benefits of working here and now.

  • The bastard boss and fellow vampires are so good! Excellent free trainers for practicing the techniques of psychological aikido, which are critical for business negotiations and the development of sales scripts.
  • They put much stress on them, but they do not raise the salary – another great simulator, how to throw off unnecessary tasks from yourself, shift them onto others, relieve yourself of responsibility and do nothing. A whole art that can and should be learned.
  • Boring. You sit like a fool from 9 to 6 – great too! You get paid for the time you have in abundance. Use this time for self-development. Copywriting takes time to master, but here everything is perfect for you.
  • Little money is good motivation. Your current income level is a starting point. For example, if you are paid only $200, you need to find a way to receive an additional, say, $40-$50, working at work. It is important. Yes, even a thousand. The main thing is to get off the ground. Then new neural connections will begin to be created in the brain, and you will be able to create new sources of income for yourself simultaneously.

If you are retired, this is also good, because You have plenty of time and no production tasks. This means that you can slowly determine the course of development and implement it. Moreover, you have wisdom and tremendous experience behind you (more on this below).

For example, when I first started blogging, I was working as an engineer. Moreover, I tried to squeeze the maximum out of my work. At the same time, both technically and communicatively.

I used my working knowledge and skills to create this blog. I studied what was missing under the auspices of “production necessity.” In 2020, there was a devaluation, and the money depreciated three times. The salaries, of course, remained the same. So I used my current base of knowledge, skills, and a blog to get my next job, where I already took the position of head of copywriting at a large advertising agency.

Can I recommend this option to other people? In theory, yes, but at that time, only I could implement it because I had the required initial data.

So, step number 1: Describe your current sources of income and the benefits and opportunities that they give you (in a positive way).

2. Knowledge And Skills (Expertise)

I consider this point to be one of the most important. Whoever you are, student, pensioner, a young mother on maternity leave. You have knowledge and skills that many other people do not have. Remember what I told you at the beginning of the article? To make money, you need to help another person solve their problem. What is easy for you now may be overwhelming or difficult for him. In such a situation, it is easier for a person to pay you. Moreover, to find and process such clients, just copywriting can be used.

For example, I am a complete layman in auto mechanics or auto electrician. For me, changing a light bulb in a car or an oil filter is an overwhelming quest that I do not even want to delve into, although the work there takes 5-10 minutes. Moreover, some people are sincerely surprised how this is possible. “There is nothing complicated there!” They say. However, it is difficult for me, and it is easier for me to pay them to do everything right.

It is the same with copywriting. Many people find it challenging to come up with a headline or edit a commercial copy, and it is easier for them to pay you to do it for them, and they make money doing what they do best.

Many aspiring copywriters believe that copywriting needs to be mastered to write articles for someone, but this is not the case. There are many examples of people who use copywriting to promote their products or services (family consultant, cleaning, dog walking, and many others). The main thing is finding a person whose problem you can solve and agree with him.

See? Already, your thinking begins to expand. You are already starting to look at the situation from a different angle from how you can be helpful to other people, not just as an author, text writer, and a thousand person. Solving other people’s problems with text is the way of a proper copywriter with high fees. Moreover, people have many problems—lots of.

The knowledge and skills that you possess are precious assets that will stay with you for life. Moreover, as I have already said, many people attempt to master copywriting, sink headlong into a new direction, and reject their previous knowledge and experience. I think this is short-sighted and ineffective. If only because this approach deprives you of a powerful springboard. It is much easier and more productive to supplement your current expertise with copywriting skills and think about monetizing them here and now.

Important: In the short term, copywriting can make money in dozens and hundreds of ways, and this is not only writing texts to order. However, many people overlook this point-blank. After all, you can sell anything, not just copywriting services or texts.

So, step number 2: Describe your current and potential knowledge and skills that can help you solve other people’s problems for money. Selling them through copywriting will be much easier and faster than becoming a professional copywriter from scratch. At least at the initial stage. Plus, it is a tremendous experience.

3. Dating And Environment

How can a newbie copywriter makes money

There are people around you. 5-7 people in the inner circle, up to 15 – friends and close acquaintances, and everyone else. If you think about it, you will name about 150-230 (this is called the Dunbar number) people from your environment with whom you interact in one way or another or directly or indirectly affect your life.

Write on a piece of paper the people you could help on a paid basis. Who knows, maybe your financial problem is solved much easier and faster than you might think. If not, you can always analyze people’s problems from your circle (not your closest, but a little further away), acquire the necessary skills, and offer a solution for the money. In extreme cases, your friends may know other people who need your help. Moreover, the systemic thinking of a copywriter will come in handy, including negotiating with people.

For example, even when she was starting her studies, one of my students agreed with her friend that she would introduce the acquired knowledge in her business (online store), and if successful, she would receive a fee. And again, I will repeat here: the fee always depends on the value you give. This is a clear example of how even a beginner can negotiate and get paid for their work.

So, step number 3: Make a list of your friends who need help for money or who know people who need help for money. Who knows, maybe the problem is solved much faster.

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4. Age

Each age has its strengths and weaknesses. Older people have wisdom, life experience, and free time behind them. The younger generation has a greater awareness of trends, fashion; it is more mobile and open to new experiments.

Age, as a rule, imposes restrictions on work and determines its rhythm. For example, it is not difficult for the younger generation to get a job as an intern in a company to gain experience, found a startup, or try themselves in new directions: complicated or niche sales. Older adults find it more challenging to adapt, and the stress of working with problem clients is contraindicated. This is why they are more likely to choose to run their blog or YouTube channel, which does not have to be about copywriting. It is much easier to lead according to your hobbies (more on this below), and knowledge about copywriting can promote and expand the reach of the audience.

One of my blog readers has worked as an agronomist-technologist all her life, after which she retired. There was not enough money to retire, so she started her blog, where she shares her experience on how to grow and care for vegetables. Plus, he sells selected seeds through a blog and social networks (which he buys using old acquaintances). She also provides personal Skype consultations.

As you can see, there are always opportunities. The main thing is to look at them from the right angle.

Step number 4: Evaluate what strengths and weaknesses your age gives you, focusing on strengths.

5. Circumstances

Circumstances determine our behavior. Moreover, this, by the way, is a scientifically proven fact. It does not matter whom we think we are here and now; once we find ourselves in the circumstances, we act based on the situation. This is most clearly shown by the experiment of Philip Zimbardo, a professor at Stanford University.

The essence of the experiment is that in a staged prison, students played the roles of prisoners and guards. The students themselves were good people from decent families. Furthermore, they behaved diligently at the university. However, when they found themselves in different conditions, their behavior changed dramatically. Those who played the role of overseer became angry and violent.

That is why we always consider circumstances that can both limit us (for example, in time or opportunities) and, conversely, open up new perspectives for us. The paradox here is that depending on the viewing angle, circumstances can change colors. For example, a person fired from his job is terrible, sad, and sad. However, on the other hand, it is the same time and opportunity to find a better job, with a higher salary and exciting tasks.

Of course, not all possibilities are so easy to turn over. For example, there are serious illnesses, injuries after accidents, the need to take care of the elderly, moving to remote regions, litigation, leaving work without a financial cushion, etc.; there are many situations that leave a deep imprint and change the usual way of life. However, even in these situations, there must always be a way out. The main thing is setting aside emotions and seeing what circumstances impose restrictions and their opportunities.

In 2021, I decided to found my laboratory and quit my post as head of copywriting at an advertising agency. Moreover, I must say, the situation was not easy because the blog then gave almost no orders, and I went into the void. And the family needed to be fed. Plus, there were a lot of expenses at the time. I used the circumstances and agreed that I would oversee the work of the successor in the agency and train him. It was beneficial for the agency because I was solving the problem of maintaining the stability of all business processes of the department. I became sort of a consultant for a while. This time and money from such work turned out to be enough to pull up a blog and find regular customers how I did it – just below.

So, step number 5: Evaluate the current state of affairs and circumstances that affect your life, both from the side of limitations and from the side of opportunities or valuable experience.

6. Geographic Location

Regardless of where you live, your location always has strengths that you can also use to make money.

Even if there is no environment, this is not a reason to despair since there are always mechanisms that help compensate for the isolation from the desired society. Moreover, when the Internet erases all boundaries.

For example, one of my students, Andrey Rochev, lives in the Komi Republic. Not everything is going smoothly with work there; the family needs to be supported. He went on a free voyage; there was much time but no money. So he chose a commercial copywriting as a mainline and built himself an active sales system, which is to him for two days brought an order for $50, and then another order – by $80.

So, step number 6: Evaluate your geographic location and the strengths that it gives you.

By the way, if it seems to you that a remote geographic location is always wrong, then do not rush to conclusions. Another reader of mine lives in a remote region of Boston and uses copywriting to sell excursions to Miami, both in summer and winter.

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7. Preferences

You have things you like and things you do not like. This applies to both phenomena and people and work. Doing copywriting just for the sake of money is a thankless task: it is easy to burn out, get neurosis and then deal with the consequences.

Personally, I never really liked writing long texts. For me, it was much more interesting to assemble systems as an engineer and pass on my experience to other people. For this reason, it is with great pleasure that I write to the blog. Moreover, if you have read to these lines, then there are already about 20,000 characters behind. By the way, I rarely write such large materials for clients.

It is easier with commercial texts because they are assembled like a constructor and fit into the sales system. It is more of a craft. There is an element of creativity in long articles, and for other people’s projects, I have an apparent deficit. Therefore, I regularly revise my value system and from this year began to focus on educational activities (again, I launched my institute), excluded small one-time tasks from practice, and began to concentrate more on large systemic projects. This is a significant point to work comfortably and not burn out.

Therefore, step number 7: Write what you like and what activity you enjoy to set the suitable vector for further development.

8. Material And Technical Base

If you have a car, you can work as a courier. Moreover, if you do not have a car, then you cannot. Is it trite? Yes, but simple. The essence of this trivial block is to assess what you have to date and what you can use as a springboard to get money.

For example, if you have a good microphone, you can record videos for YouTube or share your teaching experience. If you have a blog with traffic or a newsletter, you can use them to advertise your products or services. If you have a machine in the garage and use it masterly, you can sell your skills, and for this, it is unnecessary to write articles (use copywriting as a tool for yourself).

There was one exotic case in my practice when a person inherited a plot of 2.5 hectares with apple trees. He thought for a long time about what to do with them because the plot needs to be looked after, there is no experience, and you cannot sell apples in such quantities on the local market; you have to pay the land tax. Moreover, you also need to pick apples, pay the workers. In a word, for a beginner without connections and experience, it is a loss-making enterprise, no matter how you look.

This person approached me to write a promotional text about the sale of the site. The approach was depressing: let them buy at least for how much, if only not to a minus. Then he became interested in copywriting himself, looked at the situation more broadly, and… took a break. Six months later, he wrote me a letter again and told me that he had changed his mind about selling the plot. Instead, he (without my help) drew up a commercial offer and found tenants who use his garden, growing apples and raspberries, which provides him with a constant seasonal income and covers all costs.

Therefore, step number 8: Evaluate your material and technical base and how it can help you solve other people’s problems here and now.

9. Missing Items To Get Money

How can a newbie copywriter makes money

If you have written out all the previous points, then a picture is beginning to take shape. And nevertheless, even now, you may find that in your system, you lack certain elements: knowledge, skills, resources, etc., which are necessary to get money. Write down these missing items and try to get them.

For example, the continuation of the story of how I created my laboratory. When I left for “free-swimming,” I urgently needed new clients because there was not enough money. The blog, as I said, was still very young and did not generate income. Therefore, I used my knowledge gained while working as an engineer in a laboratory (scientific and technical) to create a new website. Well, ok, the site has been done, but what is next? There are no people. I sorely lacked the knowledge and skills to attract clients and negotiate to close deals.

Using this method, I attracted four clients in a week, one of whom has stayed with me so far, so the payback turned out to be very good. 

So, step number 9: We determine what we are missing to solve the problems of clients.

Assembly Of All System Elements

So, we have the initial data with you. There may be more of them because every person has other aspects of life. For example, circumstances can be detailed. Alternatively, you can describe the minimum income that you need for a comfortable existence.

For simplicity’s sake, everything can be reduced to this mind map. When you create it, your brain, regardless of you, gets to work and begins to solve the problem. Even when you sleep, even when you wash the dishes, he will look for a solution for you, and you can be sure he will find it.

Copywriting is not only about working for customers and writing texts for money. This is primarily thinking. Put yourself up a notch. After all, your clients also somehow use texts to make money here and now. What is stopping you? Often it is precisely the lack of vision of the whole picture as a whole. And if you followed this instruction, which does not exist, and created your map, now you will not even look towards content exchanges. Isn’t that right?


We are constantly held hostage by circumstances. Sometimes they are good; sometimes they are not very good. But any circumstances, any changes, bring new opportunities. In general, if you look like this, then there are no good or harmful situations. There is only a subjective attitude towards these situations of the person himself, which generates one or another emotional coloring.

At the same time, most people need money here and now. Furthermore, each person has everything he needs to solve pressing problems. Copywriting is not a magic pill; it is just a tool that makes life easier. Someone decides to become a pro and provide services on a paid basis. Someone launches their project so as not to work with clients and not depend on them. Someone finds partners and joins other people’s projects in order to find like-minded people or gain experience. Someone begins to sell the products of their labor, having mastered copywriting at a basic level.

There are many options here; technologies allow you to realize hundreds and thousands of undertakings without leaving your home. However, you need to look at the situation with your eyes wide open and thinking to do that. And everything will work out. Indeed, and if it does not work, then it will work the next time. Edison suffered about 10,000 setbacks before he created the light bulb. But he created it!

And you will succeed, at least because today you have become a few steps higher.

Sincerely yours, Devansh Pathak.

P.S. The article turned out to be great, and if you have any questions or need more examples for different situations – ask them in the comments. I am almost always somewhere around.

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